Please read before making your donation:

The minimum donation for the Holiday Honor Card is $5 per card. All proceeds go directly to Greensboro Urban Ministry to fight hunger, homelessness and poverty in our community.

Here are examples of several commonly ordered quantities and corresponding minimum donations:

  • 5 cards: $25 donation
  • 10 cards: $50 donation
  • 15 cards: $75 donation
  • 20 cards: $100 donation

1. Please choose your donation amount below.

2. Be sure to include how many Honor Cards you would like for us to send you by filling in the quantity in the space provided below. If you prefer to donate only and not receive Honor Cards, please enter 0 (zero).

3. Please fill out the remainder of the form and submit. Orders will be mailed to the Contact Details Name and Address that you enter below. 

Thank you for supporting the Honor Card

and for sharing a message of help and hope for our guests!